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How To Prevent Dog Bites
by Lateef Olajide

It is very certain that there is no guarantee that your dog
will never bite someone under any condition which you may
not even predict. However, you can reduce the risk attached
to dog bite. The popular saying is that prevention is
better than cure.

Since prevention of dog bites is not the responsiblity of
dog owners alone, here we will be discussing preventive
measures the prospective dog owners, dog owners, parents,
and general member of the public can make instant use of.

Preventive measures applicable to potential dog owners

The first thing you must do before you think of bringing in
a dog to your househood is to first evaluate your
environment and your lifestyle.

Though their is no breed that will not under any condition
which you may not predict, however it is still very
important for you to consult professionals like
veterinarian, dog behaviorist and breeder to determine the
breed that will be suitable for you, your family and most
especially that will be suitable for your environment.
Obtainning breed specification will help you alot in
avoiding any possible future trouble.

Prospective dog owner should not buy a dog that is bellow 8
weeks of age. Puppy bellow this age will not have the
opportunity to learn bite inhibition from his litter mate at

Buying dog that is above 4 months is a bit risky to be
introduce to your home as you may not predict the dog
behavior. However, if you are to buy older dog at all make
sure that you did not purchase a do with any history of

If any of your children exhibit any fear or apprehension of
dogs, make sure you delay bringing in a dog. You should know
earlier if you seek your children's opinion during your
evaluation of your environment. However, if your child is no
yet 6 years of age it is adviciable to hold the purchase of
large dog.

Preventive measures for dog owners

According to Human Society of the United States resports
spayed and neutered dogs are three times less like to bite.
Thus is is highly essential for you to spay and neuter you
dogs. Doing this will reduce their frequent aggressive

As a dog owner it is very important that you socialize your
dog. If you socialize your dog well it will be much likely
you will experience dog bite. Socializing you dog help boost
it's confidence and reduce it's been nervours or frightened
under normal circumstances.

So socialize your dog very well by introducing your dog to
your member of family, other people, and experiences that
could possibly course nervousness and fear biting in future.
Do this and make it feel at ease with people and other

Dog training will also help you in preventing dog bite. You
have to learn proper training techniques by attending dog
training class. Attending these classes will help you
socialize your dog. Train your dog to respond to some basic
comands such as "stay, "leave it" and "come". Also train you
dog to drop his toys on command . If you don't do this you
will have to retrieve it from his mouth. Thus taking risk of
your finger been bitten.

Teach your dog acceptable behaviors by enrolling in an
obediece class. Attending this class you dog will be trained
to be submissive and respect your leadership in the house.
Games like "tug of war", "wresling","siccing the dog on
another person" should not be avoided as it encourages

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