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Size: Very large
About 76 cm (30 inches)
Weight: About 40 kg (88 lb)
Life Span: 11 years
Fairly demanding
Peaceful & loving
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Not registered


The Leonberger is obedient, amiable, faithful and intelligent. Leonbergers are peaceful, self-confident dogs that never appear to be in a hurry. They make lovely household companions as they get on harmoniously with children, household pets and other dogs. Leonbergers alert their owners when visitors arrive but it makes little difference to them whether the strangers have evil intentions or not. The Leonberger responds well to training and quickly grasps what is expected of it.

Leonbergers need periodic brushing with a firm brush that reaches through to the thick undercoat, to prevent it from becoming tangled. The ear canals also need to be kept clean.

Loenbergers need substantial amounts of exercise and are best suited to country life. They enjoy long walks and are good swimmers.

Leonbergers grow rapidly and need a well-balanced diet during the growth period for a healthy development.

The Leonberger was developed by Herr Essig, a resident in the town of Leonberger in Germany. Essig created the breed through crosses with the St. Bernard, the ancient Tibetan Mastiff and possibly with the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Newfoundland. The official breed standard wasn't published until 1949, due to the difficulty in establishing a distinctive breed type.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Muscular, large and with a kind expression.
Color: Light yellow to red-brown with a dark mask.
Coat: Medium length, thick mane, bushy tail and with a woolly undercoat.
Tail: Set low, long, strong and carried at half mast and must not be carried over the back.
Ears: Set high, rounded at the tips and hanging.
Body: The chest is deep and oval with a wide, straight, muscular back. The loin is short and slightly arched.

Additional Comments:

  • Leonbergers should not be over-exercised while growing as it can effect the development of their bones, muscles and joints. They shouldn't be overly taxed with long walks or running up and down stairs.
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