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Size: Giant
59 - 70 cm (23 - 27.5)
Weight: 29 - 39 kg (62 - 82 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Very demanding
Wary & protective
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Hungarian Sheepdog


The Komondor is faithful, good-natured, independent, alert and devoted. Komondos are very loyal and protective of their family and handler. They are extremely brave and have the ability to sense when a person has harmful intentions and should always be treated with respect. Komondors don't tend to bark often, but make excellent watchdogs and guard dogs. They get along fine with children and other animals so long as they are a part of the family or household.

The coat tends to start naturally forming into cords at about nine months. It is recommended that these cords are teased by hand to encourage the development of individual cords rather than matted platelets. Once the cord-like appearance is achieved, the grooming is limited to keeping the coat clean. The Komondor should be washed during summer or warm weather as the coat can take up to several days to dry.

Komondors prefer the country to the city, as they need a reasonable amount of space to roam in. They can also be extremely lazy and will sleep for hours on end.

Komondors look similar to their smaller cousins the Hungarian Pulis. They originated from Asia from the Asian Mastiff family. The history is obscure for this breed, but it is believed that the Komondor evolved from the Russian Outcharka which arrived in Hungary in the 9th century.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Rugged, powerful and tall.
Color: White.
Coat: Long and falling in curly cords/tassels.
Tail: Set low, long, curved at the tip and may be raised when excited.
Ears: Set high, U-shaped, hanging and of medium size.
Body: The back is level and the chest is broad, deep and muscular. The shoulders are well-laid and the belly is arched up.

Additional Comments:

  • Some theorists believe that the Komondor and the white Kuvasz are among the oldest European dog breeds.
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