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Size: Small
37 - 44 cm (14 - 17.5 inches)
Weight: 10 - 15 kg (22 - 33 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Very demanding
Lively but reserved with strangers
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Hungarian Water Dog, Puli

hungarian puli

The Hungarian Puli is highly intelligent, independent and reliable. Hungarian Puli's make great watchdogs but tend to bark at the slightest sound and can become overprotective of their family. They are full of character and are very animated. Hungarian Puli's tend to adapt to whatever circumstances they are in and are always loyal to their family. They get on well with children and other animals and tend to form a close bond with one person in their family. The Hungarian Puli is keen to learn and when being trained it should be challenged rather than given repetitive drills.

The Hungarian Puli's coat does not fully develop until the third year. The undercoat does not fall out, but instead it turns into felt on the outer hairs. These felted strands can be teased to encourage the development of the cord-like coat, this helps to prevent the cords from becoming tangled. Once the cords are formed they do not need brushing. The coat doesn't moult but it does pick up dirt and debris which can be difficult to get out. Hungarian Puli's should be washed during summer or on a hot day as it can take up to several days for the coat to dry.

Hungarian Puli's are very energetic and love exercise. They are delightful to watch when they romp and play with their unusual coat. This breed usually does well in agility and fly-ball sports.

The Hungarian Puli arrived in Hungary during the 9th century at the time of the Magyar invasions. For over 1000 years these dogs worked alongside the shepherds during the day and at night the more discernible white Komondor took over guarding the flocks from robbers and wolves. This breed was once called the Hungarian Water Dog as they loved working in the water so much. The name 'puli' means leader in Hungarian.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Shaggy, sturdy and active.
Color: Black and different variations of grey and white. Apricot is also accepted in certain countries.
Coat: Coarse, long outercoat and a dense, fluffy undercoat. The entangled coats create tightly, interwoven rope-like cords up to 8-18cm (3-7 in) in length. The hair is shorter on the head and feet and is around 4-6cm (1.5-2.5 in).
Tail: Medium length, tightly curled over the loin and difficult to distinguish beneath the coat.
Ears: Medium size, low set, wide, drooping and V-shaped.
Body: The chest is deep and broad and the belly is slightly tucked up. The back is of moderate length and the shoulders are oblique. The ribs are rounded and the loin is short and broad.

Additional Comments:

  • The coat of the Hungarian Puli swings like a loose rug as it goes along in it's energetic way. Once the coat is fully developed it is fully weather resistant to the cold and wet.
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