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Size: Large
61 - 76 cm (24 - 30 inches)
Weight: 41 - 50 kg (90 - 110 lb)
Life Span: 11 years
Courageous & protective
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Not registered
Other Names:
Brazilian Mastiff, Brazilian Molosser, Cao de Fila

fila brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is protective, loyal, agile, determined, attentive and courageous. Fila Brasileiros can be very affectionate and dedicated towards their owners, whom they obey totally. They are wary of strangers and can become aggressive if they are not properly trained. Regular visitors are generally accepted, but Fila Brasileiros have an exceptional sense of smell, allowing them to know whenever something approaches. This breed has strong territorial instincts and can act independently depending upon how they perceive the situation. Fila Brasileiros need a confident handler and many find these dogs difficult, but they can be obedient for the right owner. They get along fine with children within their family, but not with their playmates. Fila Brasileiros will accept other household pets if socialized with them at an early age, but don't tolerate new pets joining the family.

Minimal grooming is needed for Fila Brasileiros with their short coats. They do need a soft place to sleep to prevent callouses forming on their leg joints.

Fila Brasileiros should be kept in a large and securely fenced backyard where they can take care of their own exercise needs. From time to time they should be taken to new places for a change of scenery.

The Fila Brasileiro is a native breed of Brazil and probably evolved from the Spanish and Portuguese Mastiffs and Bloodhounds. They were bred to guard livestock and property and are well known as fierce guard dogs.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Powerful, strong and solid.
Color: Brindle is the most common color, but any solid color is accepted except for white, mouse-grey and spotted or piebald coats.
Coat: Smooth, short, dense and close to the body.
Tail: Tapering and raised high when alert but should not be carried over the back.
Ears: Large, pendant, thick, V-shaped and tapering to rounded tips.
Body: The body is strong, broad and deep covered by thick loose skin particularly around the neck. The ribs are well-sprung and the chest is deep and large reaching to the level of the elbow. The croup is broad and long and the brisket is well pronounced.

Additional Comments:

  • The Fila Brasileiro is banned as a dangerous breed in Great Britain and for those countries that do permit these dogs, they are definitely not a breed for beginners or for an urban living environment.
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