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Size: Large
61 - 68 cm (24 - 27 inches)
Weight: 25 - 30 kg (56 - 66 lb)
Life Span: 11 years
Friendly & quiet-natured
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:

english setter

The English Setter is friendly, active and intelligent. This breed is usually quiet-natured but they can be exuberant on occasions. English Setters bond closely to their family and get on well with children, other dogs and household animals. English Setters are not difficult to train, but can have a mind of their own if they don't receive consistent discipline. English Setters are very gentle, sensitive and affectionate dogs that make great family pets. They are not guard dogs but they do give a warning bark at intruders.
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English Setters need occasional trimming to keep their coat looking tidy. It is important that the hair between the pads of the feet and under the ears is clipped (helps ventilate the ears).

English Setters need a lot of exercise, such as running alongside a cycle or going for long walks. They tend to wander if given the chance, so ensure that the backyard is securely fenced off.

It is believed that the English Setter originated from a number of Spaniel and Pointer crosses. Especially from the English Springer Spaniel, the water spaniel and the Spanish Pointer. For over 400 years this breed has been used as a bird dog in Britain. The conformity of English Setters wasn't achieved until the mid 1800s. Edward Laverack was the first breeder who developed pure lines for both beauty and conformation. A second breeder called Llewellyn was interested in breeding for working qualities. So he crossed some of Laverack's setters with his own which produced a breed with both hunting abilities and beauty.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Tall, handsome and friendly.
Color: Black/white, lemon or orange and white, liver/white and blue/white.
Coat: Flat, long, silky, slightly wavy and well feathered on the legs.
Tail: Medium length, slightly curved and well feathered.
Ears: Moderate length, set low, hanging in neat folds next to the cheek and covered in silky hair on the upper half.
Body: The body is of moderate length with a deep chest. The ribs are prominent and the topline is straight with a slightly sloping croup.

Additional Comments:

  • English Setters tend to become overweight if they don't receive adequate exercise.
  • English Setters can become boisterous if they are not given enough space or attention.
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