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Size: Medium - large
63 – 74 cm (25 – 29 inches)
Weight: 23 – 33 kg (51 – 66 lb)
Life Span: 14 years
Frequent & thorough
Gentle yet wary of strangers
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Tazi, Baluchi Hound

Official Afghan Hound Links:
United Kennel Club - Afghan Hound
American Kennel Club - Afghan Hound

afghan hound

The Afghan Hound appears dignified and aloof but can also be fun loving. Afghan Hounds are gentle dogs that are affectionate towards the family but wary of strangers. Training can be difficult despite their high level of intelligence. Afghan Hounds are not always compliant and tend to ignore human instructions if they see no good reason for an order. Afghan Hounds naturally pursue anything that runs and are almost impossible to recall once they're on the chase. They will kill most things they catch and therefore should not be kept with other household pets such as cats.
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Afghan Hounds require regular and thorough grooming at least once a week with a good pin brush. This is best done by lifting the hair up so each stroke begins from the root of the hair and continues downwards. Afghan Hounds do not shed hair like most other breeds.

Afghan Hounds are athletic and require a lot of exercise to cope with their restless energy. Because of their hunting and chasing instincts, they need to be kept on a lead.

Afghan Hounds are not greedy eaters and may even be somewhat picky if allowed to have their own way.

The sighthound family dates back to between 4000 BC and 3000 BC, with their name derived from Afghanistan. It has been suggested that the longer coated Tibetan Terrier (from adjacent Tibet) played a part in making the Afghan Hound, the longest coated member of the sighthound family. The Afghan people put their dogs to many uses from guarding to hunting and also using their hair for weaving.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Very tall, impressive and elegant.
Color: All colors. The most common are red through to shades of beige, often
with a darker mask.
Coat: Long silky hair, with short hair around the face and back saddle.
Tail: Not too short and ends in a ring.
Ears: Long, set low and well back. They are covered with long silky hair.
Body: Deep chest, prominent hip bones and muscular back of moderate length.

Additional Comments:

  • Elegance is the hallmark of this breed – a long chiselled head carried high on a long neck is an essential characteristic. In proportion to it's size, the Afghan Hound's body is relatively light.
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